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    Before, Michal's blog was write in polish. Now it's in english. What's the difference? I can understand what he thinks, what he means, what he's. Polish is so difficult for me (I only know one sentence... but I can't write it here!). Understand more about Poland, and the differences he focuses between his home country and Denmark. Understand that to get a smile from a polish girl, in Poland, « need to buy her a car or get her drunk ». But, as he said, in Denmark, everybody smiles.

    Why this blog? At the beginning, it was a sort of diary. Speak about my life in Denmark, describe a bit this country, put some pictures on the Web, keep in touch parents, friends. Also for me, to keep a trace of this special year. It has been fun. It has changed. With the time, with the weather (we stay more at home in winter), with the habit (we drink beers and go accross the road when it's green, are we not almost danish now?), with the actuality, with my personnal evolution. I needed this year to speak, write and learn english. It's not perfect now, but it's really better than six months ago. I just read again my essay yesterday: twenty pages in english like that, I've never imagine to do that one day in my life before to go here. I hope to get a good level in english at the end of june, when I'll go back. Not a very high level; just enough to access the journalists schools. After, why not, I'll have time to really work in english. One day.

    Now this blog tell about actuality, culture, society, history, strange stories. About Denmark, and France with « danish eyes ». All those informations could be for french -or francophone-, and danish people (but I can't write in danish). But it could also be for people from all over the world. In Erasmus, here in Aarhus, people come from all over the world. In this case, english is needed. But I don't want to loose francophone readers - according to statistics, they exist. The only solution ? As Séb do, write in french AND english. But I don't want to spend time to translate - time to write articles is enough. I prefer to stay concentrate on my subject.

    But I have to write in english. Not because I don't do that (we speak and write english all the day, here), but because something has to change. I don't know why. Because of Michal who wrote that, maybe was it a revelation ? More generally, this semester, who started this week, will be totally different of the last. Same place and same university, but new teachers, new roomates, new people, new projects. For us, who was used to know everybody, it's a new starting point.

    So, I'll try to write english here, sometimes. For Michal, and for the others. French people have reputation to speak a very bad english and to stay between french. I just want to say: it's BECAUSE we have a very bad english that we need to stay with french people. This blog is not an exception: he will speak english. Sometimes. For Michal, and his « polish girls' smiles ».

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    Mercredi 6 Février 2008 à 20:50
    Michal generalises. I'm from Poland as well, I'm a girl and I can tell you that his words:" that to get a smile from a polish girl, in Poland, « you need to buy her a car or get her drunk »" aren't truth.
    Mercredi 6 Février 2008 à 23:27
    I'm from Poland, too. I know Michal and I know that the sentence about Polish girls was ironic, sarcastic, whatever :-) Polish girls are simply more shy and reserved than Danish ones, that's why they rarely smile at strangers...
    Mercredi 6 Février 2008 à 23:37
    Wow Nico!!!
    Thank you very much for your words. It is so nice to read you. I like your style and I hope to read more soon, I am sure it will be interesting for all of us here and also for my friends back in Poland. Then they can see this place from your perspective as well. You even have first comment from Joanna that is one of my readers, and most sarcastic commentators. Even here she had to criticize me. But if you want to have a blog you need to get used to it :) And I have to say that I kind of like it... You need to go to Poland to find out the truth about polish girls…
    Jeudi 7 Février 2008 à 00:14
    oh yes
    I know that Michal was ironic, of course. But irony is the best kind humor, isn't it? Anyway, I have to go to Poland to discover the truth ;)
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