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    Viborvej in the sunrise...


    Again, there was a burglary in my residence few days ago. Young people were trying to destroy a window when someone saw them. It does not matter for me: I leave upstairs. Break my window is not a problem ; enter in my room is a bit more difficult without ladder or fire engine - but firemen need their in Gellerup at present...

    Those problems are not new. In december, during the vacations, they -the same people- entered in one flat, but there was nothing to steal. Last summer some flats were also visited, and few laptops stolen. It's why the residence committee decided to organize a meeting to find solutions to those problems. So, we were around twenty people in a flat tonight. Laura, my spanish neighbour, Christian the german guy (who's doing his PhD!), me and the rest of danish people. But Jacob started the meeting by saying « well, we will speak in english because there is some of us who are exchange students ». The discussion started in english, continued and finished in english...

    Amazing ! In France, in the same situation, the « normal being » is to speak in french, even if there is foreigners people with us. If they don't speak french ? « F*** off, you're studying in France, you have to speak french »...


    Otherwise, what's happening in Denmark ? Some troubles. And new informations: according several newspapers, the troubles started before the publication of the caricatures (on wednesday). There was some problems in Copenhagen as soon as last sunday night. Misery is an explication brought by francophone medias, but... Misery in Denmark is not really misery. Go in the parisian region, you'll see what's misery - in the case of rich countries.

    We're always listening or reading about troubles in Gellerup, the worst place of Århus. Newspapers show garbages, cars or shops burned. Police speaks about « crazy nights ». The busses company changes the bus routes, who are no going to Gellerup anymore. But... it seems to be relatively quiet. I went to Gellerup on friday, in the middle of the night. There was nothing. I met only one car of police. Of course, there was big cars like BMW or Mercedes with strange men inside, but it's the « normal » situation of drug's traffics, not for garbage-fires making. The number of arrested people is not really significatif, because of the police behaviour: danish policemen are « cow-boys » here. Especially in Gellerup, can we imagine.

    Danish people seems to be afraid by the situation. A bit less for me. As Michal could say: « I don't care ».

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    Lundi 18 Février 2008 à 20:36
    I don't care to
    I have a friend here right now and she is shit scared (scandinavian mentality), but me (yeah its true) I don't care. You're right about the Danes, they make life easier for us Erasmus students:)
    Lundi 18 Février 2008 à 21:28
    maybe it's because they know that come in Denmark to study is a strange decision, so speak danish... ;)
    Mercredi 20 Février 2008 à 10:29
    Danmark- et lille land
    So what would you say about a girl, that is learning danish for 4 years in her homeland? Am I crazy? But back to your post, I think you've already noticed, that Denmark is a strange place. Danish people say "our small country", so they exaggerate a lot of things that are happening here, in their beloved Denmark. It is not so bad in Gellerup. It could be much worse. But who cares about that?
    Mercredi 20 Février 2008 à 14:42
    ...you're probably right when you say they exaggerate a lot of things are happening here, Joanna. "Et lille land" is a good summary ;)
    Lundi 8 Mars 2010 à 15:59
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